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Nicole’s passion, helping you understand how your words, your diet, your breath, and your thoughts affect how you feel and how you feel about yourself.

not to Fail or to Win…

Determined to WIN!
Determined to WIN!
Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

I’ve been through some pretty traumatic situations in my youth and young adulthood. I recall a therapist asking me what made me keep trying, not giving up on life. I couldn’t answer, I didn’t know, all I knew is that I was determined not to fail. That kept me waking up every day and going to work. She was actually speechless. She didn’t know where to go from there but that question created some deeper work that I embarked upon on my own. I wanted to know what was really keeping me going. This…

The harley I bought, life lessons continue with each ride.
The harley I bought, life lessons continue with each ride.
Photograph I took of my new bike the day I bought it.

I bought my first Harley Davidson in 2004 when I was stationed in Korea. It was delivered to and built in the US and I couldn’t wait to return home to enjoy my new ride. While I was overseas, I took and passed the required motorcycle safety course and exam. When I returned to the states in 2005, I finally had the opportunity to take her out and enjoy the breeze and I did just that! That is until I crashed.

To this day, I don’t recall everything that happened during the crash. I decided to attend another motorcycle safety…

Image for post
Image for post
Photo by Andrea Piacquadioon Pexels

Do you catch yourself comparing what you can do, how you look, how you respond to situations to what others do, how they look, or respond? Perhaps you do it without noticing.

You know it’s not logical to compare yourself to someone else but you do it anyway. Why and how can you stop? After all, it’s not only affecting how you feel about yourself, it could very well be affecting so much more, like your happiness, productivity, etc.

First, let’s look at why you may be doing it. We live in a world where comparison is pretty much how…

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